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Welcome to the Equestrian Outreach Barn Care Page

Cave Drawing Image PlaceholderBarn Care Overview

Barn Care or stable keeping is the careful organization of the day to day tasks related to maintaining one or many animals. For our purposes the animals will be equine. The proper routine of barn care requires the consideration of numerous factors such as safety, efficiency, sanitation, health, wellbeing and many more things. Properly established barns provide a safe and healthy environment for both the owners and the animals. Properly maintained barns actually reduce overall maintenance expenses, Vetenery and other expenses.

New Barn Construction:
Proper barn layout and design is a specialized process which requires a great deal of research and the combined experience of the owner and builder

Barn Plans Providers (Click here to see a list of providers)
Barn Builders (Click here to see a list of providers)
Barn Supplies

Barn Build Out:
Lighting (Click here to see a barn lighting chart)
Flooring - Aisle Way (Click Here to See Chart)
Flooring - Stalls (Click Here to See Chart)
Tack Room
Barn Equipment Storage
Feed Storage