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Cannas for Kids – A Green Alternative to Helping Our Children

What better way to do a beautiful thing (helping kids) than to sell beautiful flowers? Equestrian Outreach is working with local Canna growers and is able to apply 60% of the sale proceeds of these truly beautiful flowers towards helping children.

Why Cannas? Cannas (or Canna Lily) commonly considered a lily; Cannas are more closely related to Ginger, Banana and Heliconia. Cannas are sun-loving plants that can quickly fill a garden spot with lush foliage and brightly-colored flowers. They require little care and look great in any garden. Cannas are lush, versatile and beautiful. They grow quickly and can be used as border plants. The red varieties attract bees, whole families of humming birds, butterflies and other welcome visitors. Cannas make wonderful cut flowers and in fact the more they are cut back the faster they grow. Cannas are a perennial summer plant. Once a bulb is planted it will continue to grow and produce rhizomes for years. However in colder northern climates it is recommended that they be dug up and stored. Cannas prefer good watering but do not like standing water.  Cannas come in dozens of colors and types. Some Canna plants grow to over 8 feet, while some never grow over 3 feet.  Cannas have world wide popularity.

Additional program information and pricing is available upon request.

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