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Welcome to the Equestrian Outreach Equine Lameness Page

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Lameness Overview

Diagnosing Lameness Issues Requires a Qualified Veterinarian

(Click here for a partial list of Florida Veterinarians by county)

Lameness is an abnormality of the horse's gait that could be caused by pain, a mechanical problem such as "stringhalt" (muscle spasms), or a neurological problem such as "wobblers". Most of the time, lameness in horses results from pain in the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones, or joints), leading to abnormal movement at a walk, trot, or canter.

Some causes of equine lameness:
- Abscesses in the foot
- Hoof wall damage
- Laminitis or inflammation of the foot
- Strained tendons or joints
- Bone chips
- Fractures
- Arthritis (inflamed joints)
- Back pain
- Nerve damage
- Muscle soreness
- Wounds, cuts, and bruises