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Impaction Overview

Diagnosing horse ailments requires a vet. (Click here for a list of Florida veterinarians)

Impaction or obstruction; occurs in the horses intestines and is life threatening. Impaction or obstruction which cannot dislodged and removed can lead to dehydration, colic even death. Impaction can happen in either the cecum or the large colon or both at the same time. When impactions happen in both the cecum and the large colon, at the same time, it becomes difficult to dislodge or remove and usually requires surgery. Even non-surgical treatments of serious impactions can take several days of treatments. These treatments consist of medication and lubricants which keep the impaction moving. This type of treatment usually takes place in a veterinary clinic, with intravenous administration of medications, liquids and nutrients.

Possible Causes of Impaction:

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