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Equine Assisted Therapy Program Overview
(For reasons of safety, Equestrian Outreach programs embrace Dressage based student instruction and horse training)

Equine Assisted Therapy (Also known as: "Therapeutic Horseback Riding" or "Adaptive Riding") is an therapy which includes horses to dramatically improve a persons balance, coordination, focus, independence, confidence, motor and social skills. Therapeutic riding is beneficial to children and adults who are burdened any of a wide range of cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions. Equine assisted therapy is arguably the second most popular equestrian activity in North America

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Horses Helping Humans; A New Healing Partnership - Historically these wild, free ranging and highly social, limited socialization. In spite of these conditions our partnership has produced stunning results. Our horses are arguably smarter, stronger and larger; with hundreds of different breeds. Our horses live longer and we better understand their “Equine Magic”. Combine that magic with children who are at risk and those children grow into happy, intelligent and productive adults. Combine Equine Healing Magic with injured people and they get stronger, healthier and happier. Equestrian Outreach is in the process of developing a lesson plan and protocol

Equine Assisted Activities - Therapeutic riding programs should be delivered by a certified instructor after assessment by a physiotherapist. In an Equine Assisted Activities program, a certified or specially trained riding instructor teaches a person with a disability how to ride a horse. However, the environment of the horse can provide more than just riding skills. The programs which offer the equine environment to people with disabilities can teach companionship, responsibility, leadership, vocational, educational skills as well as offer competition venues in the different horse disciplines. Riding a horse provides a unique and often profound recreational or leisure activity for many people. There are many sports which people who have disabilities can participate in for enhancing their lives which offer social and physical fitness as addressed in the Special Olympic programs for people with a cognitive disability. There are hundreds of programs around the world as well as many organizations dedicated to the various forms of horse riding or horse care which address many other disabilities and may not have a cognitive disability.

The student who interacts with their horse may extend this to others and to form meaningful relationships with people. Building a relationship with an animal is very rewarding in many aspects; for a person with an emotional, social or psychological disability, the trust and loyalty of an animal demonstrates to the student how important they are and then they may extend these attributes to personal relationships. Horses also help people feel in control of their situation because there is a direct correlation between action and reaction. To learn how to care for and ride a horse, a student must also be able to communicate efficiently with the horse and the instructor. In this way, riding is a very social activity, but is less daunting to people who are uncomfortable in social situations. However, the experience of riding a horse is very different. Riding helps to empower people and enables them to connect on a personal level. The sometimes unpredictable nature of animals and situations also creates a real-life environment in which students will be able to confront fears and make adjustments to situations beyond their control.

Our lessons are conducted at the Lake Helen Equestrian Center on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:00 PM to 6:00PM. Our workshops are conducted at the same location times and dates vary.

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