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Welcome to the Equestrian Outreach Paid Advertiser PageProgram Sponsporship Page

EO Program Sponsorship and Paid Advertising Overview

Who Pays for the Equestrian Outreach Programs?: Equestrian Outreach is a community based program. Working to use the power of equestrianism to help improve horses, horse people and horse communities. We use the magic of horses to help disabled people, at risk kids and at risk horses. (Click here for information about our program details) Our funding comes from the kindness and compassion of the interested people and businesses who are listed and involved or who wish to be involved in some or all of what we represent. These types of funding come in two forms:

  1. Program Sponsors: Program sponsors, sponsor (in need) equestrian students for a minimum period (6 lessons at $25.00 per lesson) $150.00. Program sponsor’s receive photo of student in lesson, thank you letter, tax deduction receipt and regular progress reports.
    Business or foundation sponsors also receive promotional consideration.
  2. General Donations: General donations are made at any amount. and make up the bulk of our income.

Web Site Donations or Sponsorships:

Note To Equestrian Outreach Vendors Listed Here:

This web site is considered to be one the most comprehensive, accurate and balanced equestrian sites within the internet and vendor support makes it work. Below are vendor subscription links and annual subscription rates please select the appropriate button. Vendors who are listed in up to 10 contact page lists should select the multi listing button. Standard web marketing and site tracking data is available upon request from participating vendors. Vendors who do not wish to be listed simply select the Unsubscribe button and your listings will be removed on all related pages.

    1. Single Listing Annual Subscription Rate $15.00 per year (Specify specialty and web page preference)
    2. Double Listing Annual Subscription Rate $30.00 per year (Specify specialty and web page preference)
    3. Multiple (Up to 10 Contacxt Page Listings) Listing Annual Subscription Rate $45.00 per year (Specify specialty and web page preference)

    Have we missed your equestrian related business? (Please click here to contact us)

    Electronic Subscription Payments (Make payments below)

What can you do to help? We are looking for qualified equine trainers, Riding instructors, vendors, program sponsors and advertisers.
Please feel free to contact us with questions:

Please make Vendor Subscription, donation or sponsorship checks out to:
Equestrian Outreach
PO Box 136
Lake Helen, FL 32744

Our contact us:
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EO Single Listing Fee $15/yr
EO Double Listing Fee $30/yr
EO Multi-Listing Fee $45/yr