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Welcome to the Equestrian Outreach Property Listings Page

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Humans and Horses; from food to friend - The histories of humans and horses have been intertwined since their paths; that of the first modern horses and of early Stone Age humans crossed in the Paleolithic Era over 40,000 years ago. First horses soon became a Stone Age menu item. Due to the amazing adaptability of both species we ‘domesticated’ each other we protected then and they quietly labored next to us. Not long into our relationship horses allowed us to use them as our primary means of transportation. We took our horses to war and they bravely died along side us. A growing partnership tempered with willingness, courage and stamina horses have filled every historic chapter. Today, horses are still a prized mode of transportation and unfortunately we still eat them.  Some horses are venerated and hold a heroic status; some horses are starved and abused to death. For the most part horses and humans have formed an amazing partnership.
Humans and Horses; a new partnership - Once wild, free ranging and highly social, horses have mostly been relegated to confinement often with limited socialization. In spite of these conditions our partnership has produced stunning results. Our horses are arguably smarter, stronger and larger; with hundreds of different breeds. Our horses live longer and we better understand their “Equine Magic”. Combine that magic with children who are at risk and those children grow into happy, intelligent and productive adults. Combine Equine Magic with injured people and they get healthier and happier.
Humans and Horses; a kinder and gentler partnership - It can be argued that the Human / Equine partnership is one of the most successful in human history; as such we have an unpaid debt to horses.  We need to make sure that they are well fed and cared for. We need to think seriously about the dubious ethics of mistreating and consuming them. Lastly we need to allow them the opportunity to work their magic in a safe and productive environment.