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Welcome to the Equestrian Outreach Showing Page

English Rider

Horse Show Competitions or Showing Classes Overview

In the United States and Canada, the non – western riding styles are referred to as "Classic or English style riding", to distinguish them from “Western style riding”. Equestrian competitions or Horse shows are also defined as English or Western, although many shows are known as “Open shows” where both disciplines or styles are judged basically on the equitation or ‘seat’ of the rider representing that style and in particularly of that discipline. (Click here to see a chart of US Winning Ribbon colors) -

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Turn out and Equitation Overview

Equestrianism is a diverse sport with a wide range of styles, rules and approaches with one common denominator, the relationship between rider and horse. Equitation is a tool used by Equestrian judges to measure the horse and rider as a partnership with two critical components; visual and technical.

  1. The visual aspect referred to as “Turn Out”.
    1. How the rider is dressed
    2. How the horse is prepped. (Click here for more information about Competition Turn Out and Riding Attire)
  2. Technically; Equitation refers to a rider's position while mounted and within a specific discipline.
    1. encompassing a rider's ability to ride correctly in all gaits and while effectively employing aids.
    2. The horse provides the counterpoint by properly responding to the employed aids.

The basic competition categories are:

Classic (English) Competitions
Classic (English) Competitions or shows usually includes: Dressage, Driving, English Walk / Trot, Equitation, Hunter, Hunter Hack, Hunter / Jumper, Hunter under Saddle / English Pleasure, Show Jumping, Stadium Jumping and Grand Prix Jumping. Some competitions also include Cross Country and Endurance Riding. (Click here for more information about Classic (English) competitions)
Western Competitions
Western Competitions or shows usually includes: Barrel Racing, Halter, Horsemanship, Pole Bending, Reining, Showmanship (Equitation), Team Penning, Team Roping, Trail, Western Pleasure and Western Walk / Jog. (Click here for more information about Western competitions)